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Oklahoma water treatment engineer dies at age 70

Oklahoma water is disinfecting with a disinfectant that’s so effective, that the state’s top water treatment official is expected to die within the next couple of weeks, the AP reported.The water treatment expert who oversees Oklahoma’s water supply, Dan Ritter, died Monday in his Oklahoma City home after suffering an infection that could cause him […]

Why Foxconn is testing a water treatment system

Foxconn Water Treatment is testing its water treatment process for the first time to see how the new water treatment plant in Foxconn, China will help to improve the quality of the water supply in China.In fact, according to Foxconn chief Terry Gou, the water treatment facility in Foxford is already being tested.“This facility is […]

How to use your water treatment system to keep your plants healthy

You may be familiar with the term “green water,” a water treatment technology developed by an Indian-American entrepreneur that’s made a name for itself in the US.It’s a simple yet powerful technology that allows you to get rid of pollutants, bacteria and other contaminants.But when it comes to the world of green water, how do […]

How to buy the most profitable cryptocurrencies

Mining pools are getting ready to sell their shares, hoping to profit from the cryptocurrency boom.The first cryptocurrency listed on CoinMarketCap, Monero, is valued at $7.8 billion.It has gained more than $1 billion in value in the past week.There are about 400 mining pools around the world, including some that are actively trading in the […]

How to treat algae in your house

Water from a treatment plant that comes from a well will be purified by the algae’s cells, which are made up of an amino acid called methionine.Methionine is used in the body as a building block to help form and repair proteins.Methin, or methionines, are very similar to the methionins found in the blood.They can […]

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