“It was like the ultimate movie, you know?” says the film’s star, Josh Gad

After being cast in the role of a former CIA operative, Josh Benetton is the next actor to have his life revolve around an unlikely love interest.

Gad is also starring in “It,” the first feature film from the director of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gad revealed that he was “bored out of my mind” while shooting the film, which he called “a totally original and original way of telling a story.”

He also said he’s “excited” about the new version of the movie, which will be released in theaters on March 11.

“I had to just take it one step at a time and just do the right thing,” Gad said.

“When I see the way that the film plays, I’m excited about it.

It’s a movie I’ll be watching.

It will be the first time I’ve seen the movie.

But I just have to do the best I can with it.

I’m really excited.”

The film’s release date is set for March 11, but Gad is expected to begin filming in March to complete the film.

Gad said he didn’t know how long the film would take, but that he believes it will be “over 10 years.”

He added that he’s never seen the film before, but he’s been able to watch the trailer for “It.”

The filmmaker previously spoke about his feelings on the film in an interview, saying, “I just really liked the way it was set up, it’s really funny, it has a really, really funny plot and an interesting storyline.

And it has so many great characters and they all really get their moment in the story.”

Gad also discussed his experience shooting the first “It” film.

“The first one, the first one I really enjoyed was, ‘It’s not over until you’re dead,’ and I loved that,” he said.

“[Director] Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job of putting me in a position where I was like, ‘OK, I’ll do this, I will do this.’

“It’s very intense and very scary. “

But it was a very, like, very intense movie,” he continued.

“It’s very intense and very scary.

And that’s the only thing that really really makes you think, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen?'”

Gad has been cast as James Bond, the lead in the new film, but has yet to officially sign on for the part.

While he said that he had never met the film and would only meet him for the first movie, he is still hopeful to have a relationship with the Bond franchise, which is “the biggest movie of all time.”

Gad previously told The Hollywood Magazine that he and Beneton would work together as “a couple,” though he also admitted that he would “have to see [Benetton] in a suit and tie and all that.”

Gad and Benutton were previously linked together via social media after Benetson tweeted a photo of him and Gad in his underwear.

“They’re definitely going to be great together,” Gad told The Magazine.

“That was kind of the moment where I just got like, yeah, I want to work with him.

I just think it would be awesome.”

Gad is currently filming the third installment of “Game of Thrones,” which is scheduled to premiere in February 2018.

“Game” is currently in production in Croatia and will debut in 2018.