How to treat your home after anoxic exposure

The US Environmental Protection Agency has warned residents to stay away from the water after a deadly fire in California’s San Francisco.

The agency’s advisory came as anoxic fire at a residential home killed more than 50 people in the US city.

The fire broke out in the late afternoon of Sunday, August 8.

Anoxic water, a toxic chemical produced by the breakdown of old coal and gas waste, is the result of a chemical reaction in old coal or gas plants.

It can cause kidney damage, liver failure and death.

The US Environmental Health Agency has said it is not known if the fire was deliberately set.

The San Francisco Fire Department, which is the state’s first responders, said on Twitter it had extinguished the fire.

“Firefighters responded to the scene and extinguished the building, which was located at the intersection of North Van Ness Avenue and Van Ness Street,” the department said.

San Francisco’s fire department, which responded to reports of anoxic fires, tweeted: “Firefighters were called to the residence at North Van Nest and North Van Nesn Street at approximately 6:00pm on August 8, 2018.

The residence has since been completely destroyed.”

The fire was declared out about 2:30am.

The city is investigating the cause of the fire and said the cause could not be determined.

Residents are being urged to stay in their homes until further notice.

More to come.