When nalcor water treatment plants close, they’ll be leaving a mess

A new water treatment plant in the city of Dallas is the first to be shut down after the city shut down two of its largest water treatment facilities earlier this month.

The shut-down of the water treatment facility at Nalcor Water Treatment Plant, located in the South Side community of Doosan, is the latest in a series of water contamination incidents in the area.

According to city officials, the plant was shut down on Aug. 27 after a water leak caused a fire that killed one person.

The city announced the shutdown last week, citing a potential risk of a second fire.

The city is trying to locate a fire extinguisher for the plant, which has been closed for more than a year.

Nalcor has since closed its plant in two parts, with two of the facilities being shut down for a year and the third being shut in July.

In the last two weeks, a fire has destroyed two of two water treatment ponds at the plant.

Officials with the city’s Department of Water and Power said that in the past two weeks there have been nine reports of people becoming ill at the plants, which are located on both sides of the Dallas River.

The Department of Public Works also said there have also been nine cases of exposure to non-essential water, which could have been caused by the plant’s water leaks.

“We’re not able to say that that has been the reason for this, but we’ve had a couple of cases of it and it’s been a long time since it’s happened,” DWP spokesperson Alisha Young said.

In June, Dallas was forced to close two of four treatment ponds that were built in the 1990s for water from the city that had leaked from the plant after the state of Texas issued a permit to use the plant to dispose of treated water.