How to turn the water on your house, even if it’s off

Posted April 15, 2020 11:15:18Foxconn Water Treatment Plant is the latest of Foxconn’s major facilities to make news recently.

A leaked document shows the facility, which is located in the eastern Chinese city of Wuhan, was in a state of disrepair after being shut down in January 2018, which resulted in a massive amount of water flowing out of the plant.

According to the report, the water treatment plant is in a condition of a “critical” condition.

The company has now reportedly taken over the water supply at the facility in order to prevent the water from becoming contaminated.

The leak is just one of several reports of water problems at the factory, which has been accused of causing environmental damage to nearby water bodies and the surrounding area.

In September 2018, the company admitted it was not providing adequate water to its workers.

Foxconn, which had been forced to close some of its factories in order for it to comply with the Environmental Protection Law, had been criticised by rights groups and campaigners for its poor treatment of the environment.

The water treatment facility has also been a source of criticism for the company, as it has been alleged to be a dumping ground for the waste that is left after factories are closed.

The Foxconn Water treatment plant, which was once a major source of water for the city of Wangzhou, has been under investigation since March 2018.

A report by the city’s environmental protection authority in June 2018 found that the plant was not in good condition, with water levels dropping below the “critical level” that would allow it to operate at peak levels.

The report also stated that Foxconn had “failed to provide adequate water for its workers and residents, including residents who have not received proper water supplies”.

In a statement issued on Monday, the local council said that it had decided to remove the building and “build a new one, that will be environmentally sustainable and provide clean water for all residents, businesses and the environment”.