What to do if your car has a leak

An industrial water-treatment plant has been shut down and the owner says there’s no time to worry.

Key points:The owner of a factory in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville says the water treatment plant has shut downThe facility is run by the State Government and has been under state control since November2015The owner said the facility had a leak and was on standbyThe owner, who wants to remain anonymous, said there was no time for concern as the facility was on the state’s standby for a leak.

“It’s been a few months and the water is not leaking.

We are going to take a look at it and see how it can be fixed and whether we can continue to operate it,” the owner said.

The State Government confirmed it was shutting down the facility on November 16, but refused to provide further details.

“We have no further comment at this time,” the State Environment Department said in a statement.

The owner is not the only one affected.

A former owner of the Marrickfield plant said the leak was not the first he had noticed.

“I’ve seen it before and it was just a little bit worse than the previous ones,” he said.

“This was pretty bad because they have been running there for a long time.”

That’s probably why the previous leaks were not as bad.

“You’ve got to keep your eyes open.”

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