‘Catch’ Season 3 is in the books: Are you ready to catch up?

With season 3 of ‘Caught’ coming to a close and the countdown to the next season of ‘The Mick’, MTV News sat down with the show’s executive producer, Mike McKean, to discuss what fans can expect for season 3.

We are still getting a lot of new footage and some new people, but it is the same cast.

What can you tease for season three?

We are excited to have a new cast for season 2.

There is a new scene with the Mick.

Will he get a new face?

That is an exciting twist on a familiar face.

What can you tell us about the season 3 finale?

There are a lot more of us.

Will we get a flashback scene?


Do you think the Mick will be returning to the show for season 4?

Maybe, but there are a few other things going on.

We have the Mick and Mick’s daughter, so it will have to wait.

Will the Mick ever return to the series?

I am still looking forward to seeing what he does with his daughter, and what he is doing with his son.

We are definitely going to get to see more of him.

Did you know that Mick had a wife, Heather, that he met at the start of season 3?

Heather is a real character.

It is really interesting to see how that relationship evolves.

Are there any upcoming events that you think fans should be keeping an eye out for?

There is a big party at Mick’s place, so be on the lookout.

There is also an episode called “Catch Me” where Mick is looking for a new catch.

We also have a reunion on Friday night at 9pm ET on MTV.

What is next for ‘Catched’?

There are going to be more episodes coming up, and the Mick is going to have his big party on Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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