Why Singapore wants to be the world leader in cold water treatment

A growing number of countries are taking a step towards building a world-class water treatment system.

And as Singapore is aiming to become the world’s first city to build its own hydropower facility, the government has announced plans to expand its water treatment facilities.

The country’s Water Treatment Corporation (WTC) has said that it will start construction on a new facility next year, which will cost between US$1 billion and $2 billion.

This is a new type of facility that will have its own supply and distribution systems and a different treatment process.

The company has been working with the Government of Singapore (GSS) and other agencies for about two years to develop this new technology.

The project will see a total of 10 new hot water treatment plants built.

This will allow Singapore to become a global leader in this field, said Wong Suk-Hee, general manager of the company.

The new facility is the latest in a long line of projects by the company to transform its water resources.

In 2017, it also opened a new cold water facility at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Singapore’s capital.