Which Indian cities are the most polluted?

India’s capital cities have some of the world’s worst air quality.

Now, an environmental group has set out a global map of the cities with the most pollution in the world.

The report, which was prepared by environmental NGO Ecojustice, found that more than 20 of the biggest cities in the country were in the top five polluted cities for air quality on a scale of 100.

It ranked these cities based on the amount of pollution in their air.

The top five cities in India with the biggest pollution levels in Delhi and Mumbai are:Delhi: 8.7The city with the worst air pollution: Delhi (7.4)And Mumbai: 8 The city with biggest air pollution in India: Mumbai (8.1)The top 5 cities with worst airquality:Kolkata: 7.3The city that has the most clean air in India, and which has seen the most carbon emissions:Karnataka: 7The city where the pollution levels are lowest: Kolkata (7)The five most polluted cities in Europe:Paris: 7Copenhagen: 7London: 6San Francisco: 6The city most polluted in Europe, according to the UN’s World Health Organization: Madrid: 6Lisbon: 5Berlin: 5Tokyo: 5Baku: 5The top 10 most polluted countries in the World: China: 7Taiwan: 6Pakistan: 6Saudi Arabia: 6Japan: 6China’s top five most polluting cities: Beijing: 8Tokyo : 8Hong Kong: 8Dubai: 8Bangkok: 8The top ten cities in China with the highest number of premature deaths per capita: Beijing : 7Shanghai: 8Zhejiang: 8Hainan: 8Ningxia: 8Kong Kong: 9Canton: 9Hubei: 9Jinjiang: 9The top 20 cities in Russia with the lowest life expectancy: Moscow : 9Kharaggar: 9Saint Petersburg: 9St.

Petersburg, Russia : 10Bolshoi : 10Leningrad : 10Shanghaid: 10The top 40 cities in Africa with the greatest levels of air pollution.

The 20 most polluted African cities: Addis Ababa: 8Tanzania: 9Nigeria: 10Ghana: 10Nigori: 10South Africa: 10Gambia: 10Tunisia: 11Kenya: 11Nigella: 11Cameroon: 11Zimbabwe: 11Congo: 11South Sudan: 11Kabula: 11Gambias most polluted city, Mombasa: 9Lusaka: 9Botswana: 9Zimbabwe : 9Namibia: 9Mali: 9Algeria: 9Kashmir: 9Congo-Brazzaville: 9Egypt: 9Tanzia: 8Kenya : 8Tonga: 8South Africa : 8Sudan: 9Djibouti: 8Mali : 8Kinshasa: 8Lagos: 8Ivory Coast : 8Burundi: 7Mozambique: 7Togo: 7Gabon: 7Laos: 7Botsdam: 7Kinshala: 7South Sudan : 7Mali-Nigdal: 7Zimbabwe-Tanzavala: 8Congo : 8Cameroons most polluted country: Gabon : 11Sudanyu: 10Laos : 10Kosovo: 10Burundu: 9Central African Republic : 10Camerota: 10Madagascar : 10Niger: 10Congo, the world with the dirtiest air, has one of the highest levels of carbon emissions in the globe, according, according a study by Ecojustice.

According to the report, the capital city of Bogota has the highest amount of carbon dioxide pollution in Africa, while Kinshasas capital city, Libreville, has the second highest amount.

According the report by EcoJustice, the average amount of CO2 per person in India is 7.7.

The average level of CO02 in India’s cities is 0.15mg per cubic metre, compared to 0.02mg in Kenya.

In the United States, the number of cars in a city is a more important indicator of air quality than air pollution, the report said.

The study also found that air quality in the US is worse than in most of the developing world.

In the U.S., the average level is 0 mg/m3, compared with 0.3mg/m2 in countries like India, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

The environmental group also found in the United Kingdom that air pollution levels have decreased since the introduction of carbon taxes in 2007.

However, in India and China, pollution levels still exceed those of developed countries, which in turn, is causing a huge increase in premature deaths.