How do I know if I have a mold problem in my home?

I had no idea how bad a mold infestation could be.

I have never seen it.

I was told I had a problem, but I had never heard of it.

I had just turned 18.

I had just moved into my apartment.

I went to the door to the kitchen to check the fridge and noticed mold growing on the door.

I went to look for it and I was like, “Oh, my gosh, it’s going to kill me.”

I called my parents and told them.

They went to check on me, and they said, “Yeah, there’s mold in here, too.”

I had never seen anything like it.

It’s like mold.

I can see mold growing everywhere.

I’ve never seen mold like this, like this.

I’m like, Why?



I have never experienced anything like this in my life.

I called my insurance and said, ‘Oh, that’s bad.

I don’t have money.’

My mother said, [I] have a house, and there’s no money.

They told me to come to my doctor and see if I’m sick.

I came to the doctor and the doctor was like,”Well, you know, I have mold.

It doesn’t look too bad.”

They did some tests and the doctors were like, ‘No, it looks bad.’

So I had mold.

And it turned out it was a fungus.

It looked like a black fungus.

I thought it was really bad.

It was horrible.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn.

It felt really bad, but it was very bad.

The next day, my mom called and told me, “You’re not going to sleep this night.

We’re going to get a mold test done.

It might take a week.

I know you’re scared of mold, but if you don’t get tested, you’re not getting tested.”

My mom had a lot of stress.

I mean, I was going to school, I had school, and I had my dad and I were all in school, but she had a big house.

I think that was probably why she was like scared.

My mom and I went into the house, took a look around and found mold on the couch and the wall, all over the floor, the couch, the walls, the ceiling, the carpet, the floors, the flooring.

The walls were black, the carpets were black.

They were everywhere.

It all looked like mold everywhere.

The mold was everywhere.

We took some pictures and I put them on the Internet.

It went viral.

And then I went and went and called my doctor.

I said,Oh, no.

This is bad.

This was the first time I was ever like, Oh, no, no!

I just started crying, crying, and crying.

My doctor was just like, I need to see you right now.

I needed to see me right now, because if I don, if I miss a meeting, if there’s a problem with my testing, then my doctor can’t come and take a test.

And she said,Well, if you do not get tested in time, then you’re going straight to the hospital, where you’re in a lot more pain.

So she called my mom and told her to come here right now and get the test.

So I got there, she took a picture, she did the test, and it was negative.

And I had to call my dad.

He said,No, no no, I don.

I got a test, it was positive.

I said,I was going in to get the mold test.

I didn’t even know what to expect.

I felt so bad.

But I did.

I saw the doctor.

And they said to me,Oh.

That’s the first thing you want to tell me, is that it was mold, that you’re gonna die.

And, uh, I’m going to go get the doctor right now to see if it’s mold or something else.

My doctor said, Oh.

That is the first sign you need to get tested for mold.

You’re gonna need to go in for the test immediately.

I told my mom I was sorry for getting so mad at her.

I just wanted to get in there right now so that she could get tested.

And I got the test positive.

I still didn’t know what I was gonna do.

But it’s a blessing in disguise.

And there’s not a lot that you can do.

And once I got that test positive, I went in to the emergency room, and everything was fine.

But then the doctor took a test for the mold.

And then the doctors started telling me, I gotta go see my doctor right away, because I have more than three days until my appointment.

They said, you’ve got three days before the