How to save money on water and CO2 costs with the Holmes Water and CO 2 Control Kit

“Holmes is the only water company in the world that offers customers the ability to make a simple, cost-effective purchase and get it back in the mail,” said Bill Holmes, president and CEO of Holmes.

“We are working with customers and partners to provide them with a simple and affordable solution to reduce their water and water usage costs.

Customers can make a one-time purchase of the Holme Water and Gas CO2 Control Kit, and we will offer a refund to customers who purchase the kit and receive a refund in the future.

Holmes is one of the first companies in the industry to offer the solution to help customers save money and avoid water and gas usage costs, and this is just the beginning.”

The Holmes product is available to order on the company’s website for $149.95 and comes with three individual kits: the Holmedens Water Control Kit for customers who buy a water treatment unit or two, the Holms CO2 Tank for customers that buy a CO2 treatment unit, and the Holmo Water and Air Control Kit.

The water treatment units are used for cleaning and disinfecting water and the CO2 tanks are used to disinfect drinking water.

Customers who order the Holmerys CO2 Tanks can also purchase a CO3 Control Kit which will also be used to make the water treatment and CO gas treatment units.

“The Holms water treatment kit is the ultimate solution for our customers and the first one that is available in the U.S. for them to buy,” Holmes said.

“It is one step further in the water and carbon reduction process and can help our customers reduce their CO2 usage costs.”

The $149 product price includes the kit, the CO and CO Gas treatment units, and a three-year warranty.

The product can be ordered through the company website.

For more information on Holmes’ products and services, visit their website.