Leachate treatment for deha water in Dallas

Dallas (AP) The water treatment system in Dallas has been temporarily shut down after a sewage spill that killed one person and left four others critically ill.

The Department of Health and Human Services said the spill was isolated to a wastewater treatment facility in the Dallas area and no other hazardous chemicals were detected.

Officials say the incident was the result of a leak at the facility.

The Department of Public Health says there was no spill and that no one has died.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says that the two men who died in Dallas on Saturday were treated by DeHaWater and had not received any additional treatment.

The agency says it is monitoring the situation.

In Texas, people who use deha, or de-water, water must apply a chemical to the water before they can use it.

It’s an alternative to treating sewage.

Deha water has a disinfectant that can remove harmful bacteria, but it can also cause water to taste foul.