Florida to ban ‘dirty water’ treatment facility in wake of Zika outbreak

A Florida water treatment facility will be closed because of the Zika outbreak, the state’s health department announced Friday.

The Lakeland City Water District, located in Lakeland, said it will shut down its treatment plant Friday, after the virus killed at least 12 people in the city.

The water treatment plant is operated by Hitachi Water Treatment, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Hitachi Group Inc.

The company, which supplies about 50% of Florida’s water treatment capacity, has not reported any new cases of illness related to the virus.

Florida Gov.

Rick Scott said Friday that the outbreak could be a “huge public health crisis” and the state will “be looking for ways to make sure we can get the water we need and the water treatment systems that we need.”

The governor also said the state would require all drinking water customers to use the company’s “cleaner, safer, and more effective” water, as well as have it tested.

The state’s governor, Scott, has ordered a mandatory evacuation of the entire state.

He is expected to address the crisis at a news conference Saturday afternoon.

The CDC said Friday there were 13 confirmed cases in the United States, including four deaths.

Florida reported the deaths of nine new infections Friday.

Scott, who has called the outbreak a public health emergency, said Friday he would ask the governor to “bring his emergency declaration to a full stop.”

The federal government is also considering imposing restrictions on Florida water supplies.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection said Friday it was reviewing the threat posed by the Zika virus and the potential need for a state-wide quarantine of people who travel to Florida from Latin America.

Florida’s Zika outbreak has caused thousands of evacuations in recent days, and Gov.

Scott has warned that the virus could spread further.