Which water treatment plants are getting more money?

After years of waiting, a major new water treatment plant will start operating in the Florida Keys on Friday, boosting the local economy by $5 million.

The $8.5 million water treatment facility, located in Lake George, is expected to make the water treatment industry one of the fastest growing in the country.

“I have always wanted to be part of the solution in water quality and clean drinking water and I am excited to bring the same excitement to our communities with this project,” Florida Keys Mayor Dan Scavino said in a statement.

“The new water plant is one of our nation’s most advanced and reliable water treatment facilities and will help us reduce our water quality pollution and save millions of dollars a year in our local economy.” 

Florida Keys, one of America’s most polluted and unhealthy places, is already a world leader in the treatment of tap water.

The state recently received an Environmental Protection Agency grant to increase the water quality of the state’s water supply by more than 40 percent. 

The new facility will serve as a demonstration facility and provide the first-ever treatment plant to use a hybrid of two technologies.

The new plant is the first in the United States to be designed to operate on a “sustainable” and “safer” schedule, Scavinos said. 

“We have always looked to our local communities for solutions to our water pollution problem,” said James W. Hagerty, a partner with Hagerys Water Treatment and Construction LLC, which built the facility.

“We will be a leader in our industry in providing safe and reliable, clean water to our citizens and businesses.

The facility is a testament to our commitment to clean water and clean jobs.” 

The Florida Keys water treatment complex, located about 120 miles (193 kilometers) southeast of Miami, was built as part of a $1.6 billion water quality bond in 2014. 

Hagerys’ Hagerts Water Treatment Company, the largest water treatment company in the world, has operated the water plant for decades and has a network of more than 10,000 water treatment sites around the world. 

As part of its partnership with Florida Keys, Hageries is partnering with several other local companies to develop and operate a new facility to provide water quality services to local residents and businesses, including the water department. 

In addition to the $8 million construction budget, Hagers is using a combination of public and private funds to help fund the project. 

 The water treatment project is expected start operating on Thursday.