What is the state of water softening in North Dakota?

The state is seeing some of the highest water quality standards in the country after the federal government approved water softeners, but residents are seeing high rates of illness from the drugs and the chemicals in them.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services reported Thursday that more than 4,300 people in North Dakotas health system reported illness related to drinking water softened by the chemicals.

The Department of Public Health says the highest rate of illness reported in North America was in Montana, where more than 3,600 people had symptoms.

North Dakota had the highest number of reported illnesses related to the chemicals and chemicals in North Carolina, according to the state.

The chemicals and disinfectants were used to treat North Dakota’s drinking water during the last drought, which started in early 2016.

The drought was the first time in North American history that no precipitation fell during the summer months.