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How to make water safe for drinking from a cistern

Water quality experts have been warning for years that cisterns and other water treatment plants could be contaminating drinking water with harmful bacteria, and they’ve been using that warning to pressure municipalities to allow cistern owners to disinfect their water.The issue has gotten so dire that the EPA last month sent a letter to the […]

How Israel is fighting the global antibiotic overuse

The United States is among the most efficient at taking the antibiotic penicillin out of its supply chain.But as the global population grows and antibiotic use in hospitals and nursing homes increases, many nations are now relying on antibiotics to fight infections and prevent deaths.As the world’s largest producer of antibiotics, Israel is among those […]

Why water treatment is crucial to making drinking water safe

It has been a century since the first water treatment plant was built in Australia, and it is estimated that we now have more than half of Australia’s total water treatment capacity.However, the cost of this system has not kept up with the increasing demands of the population.In fact, over the past decade, we have […]

Why is a Canadian hospital refusing to accept water from the US?

The US is already using some of Canada’s most water-intensive technologies and now it is asking other countries to follow suit.In a letter sent Tuesday to the American embassy in Ottawa, the Canadian government said it is “unacceptable” that a US government-owned company was asking Canadian residents to pay for water that was used by […]

Oregon ponds close for two weeks due to winter storm

ORLANDO — A dozen Oregon ponds closed Friday for the second consecutive day due to the winter storm.The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning in the western part of the state Friday for parts of Lake Pend Oreille and Lake Tahoe, as well as a potential high of more than 30 degrees.The storm […]

What are the most common water treatment problems?

This article contains an article about a water treatment problem, or other water treatment issue that can be of concern to many people.How do I find out if a water condition is a water problem?If you are concerned about your water treatment situation, you can contact the Water and Wastewater Division (WWD) for more information.For […]

How to make water from algae in your home

The first step is to soak your soil and plants with the best soil conditions available.This process, known as dealkalization, removes heavy metals and other contaminants from the soil and plant matter.You can also use soil treated with a dealkaline soil conditioner.Dealkalizers will take about three weeks to complete, and the finished product is called […]

Water pollution is rampant in the city of Kochi, and the water treatment process is one of the major concerns

A city in the southern Indian state of Kerala has seen its water quality plummet due to the presence of the algae-laden dealkali, a powerful disinfectant used in water treatment.The water quality has been a major concern in the town of Kochiyampura in the state’s Ernakulam district, where more than 3,000 people have been affected, […]

What you need to know about headworks water supply

Headworks water supplies water treatment facilities that are used for treating human waste, such as sewage and stormwater, and also provide drinking water for residents of the city.They have a total capacity of 300,000 litres per day.A single headworks is capable of handling about 3 million litres of water a day.This means it can treat […]

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