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Which water treatment plants are getting more money?

After years of waiting, a major new water treatment plant will start operating in the Florida Keys on Friday, boosting the local economy by $5 million.The $8.5 million water treatment facility, located in Lake George, is expected to make the water treatment industry one of the fastest growing in the country.“I have always wanted to […]

What is water treatment and how do you apply it?

This post was contributed by redditor ryland. What is water management? Water treatment involves cleaning water for safe drinking and sanitation. It is done by removing contaminants from water. The best way to remove contaminants from your water is to use chlorinated water (which can be filtered and disinfected by hand). Chlorinated water also comes with higher disinfection efficiency and […]

Which water treatment products are safe for children?

In India, it’s not unusual to see children suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting.It is not just in rural areas where this happens.In cities, the situation is more complex, and the situation can be more serious.As part of the ongoing sanitation campaign, the Ministry of Health has announced that all household water purification tablets, except those […]

What’s the real cost of the World Cup?

In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warns that the cost of hosting the 2022 World Cup will exceed $100 billion.The agency’s new report has just been published in the journal Energy.It predicts that the World Cups could cost more than $130 billion to run.The World Cup is already the biggest sporting event […]

When Chesapeake Water Treatment Goes On Trial

Cushing, Oklahoma (AP) — The fight to clean up polluted Chesapeake Bay has spilled over into the courtrooms of Oklahoma’s highest court, as the state’s highest judge is defending a $10 million contract for the company that is trying to win the right to treat wastewater.State District Judge Susan Houser sided with Chesapeake, a major […]

How Nalco’s water treatment plant is killing coral and threatening Florida’s coral reefs

By Kevin D. FaganPublished March 13, 2018 9:12:15The algae-infested wastewater plant near Nalcoma, Florida, is among the country’s largest, and is causing an estimated 40,000 tons of dead coral, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).That’s enough to fill five football fields.The plant has been shut down for a month.But it’s not the […]

How to Use Isopure Water Treatment to Reduce Your Pesticides Exposure

When you think of a water treatment plant, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the fact that it uses chemicals to disinfect water.However, it turns out that Isopurifying water treatment also makes it possible to get rid of all the harmful pesticides in your home.Isopursives like chloramine, methyl chloramine and carbaryl can […]

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