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When can we expect to see the arrival of the dealkalmizer water therapy

Posted October 17, 2018 09:00:51Dealkalizers water treatment can reduce or eliminate bacterial growth, and it is often used to treat saltwater and coastal waters.The dealkalerator water treatment system uses water from an underground aquifer to treat the surface water and produce clean water, making it safe to drink.But now the water treatment plant in Qatar […]

How to make water from algae in your home

The first step is to soak your soil and plants with the best soil conditions available.This process, known as dealkalization, removes heavy metals and other contaminants from the soil and plant matter.You can also use soil treated with a dealkaline soil conditioner.Dealkalizers will take about three weeks to complete, and the finished product is called […]

Water pollution is rampant in the city of Kochi, and the water treatment process is one of the major concerns

A city in the southern Indian state of Kerala has seen its water quality plummet due to the presence of the algae-laden dealkali, a powerful disinfectant used in water treatment.The water quality has been a major concern in the town of Kochiyampura in the state’s Ernakulam district, where more than 3,000 people have been affected, […]

When does the US go back to using bottled water?

Water from a nearby lake, which is now being used for treatment purposes, has turned into a gold mine.The water treatment plant in Hamilton, New Hampshire, has made $7,200 worth of gold and silver from water treatment and has become a goldmine for the state, according to the Hamilton News-Leader.The plant was constructed in 1977 […]

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