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US: Nalco Water Treatment Plant in Michigan shut down by EPA

U.S. EPA announced on Thursday that it was shutting down Nalcos NalCo Water Treatment and Treatment Plant, the only water treatment facility in the United States that treats and dispenses water.The announcement was made on Twitter by Acting Administrator John Reilly.Reilly noted that NalCO Water Treatment has been shut down due to the agency’s ongoing […]

How Nalco’s water treatment plant is killing coral and threatening Florida’s coral reefs

By Kevin D. FaganPublished March 13, 2018 9:12:15The algae-infested wastewater plant near Nalcoma, Florida, is among the country’s largest, and is causing an estimated 40,000 tons of dead coral, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).That’s enough to fill five football fields.The plant has been shut down for a month.But it’s not the […]

When nalcor water treatment plants close, they’ll be leaving a mess

A new water treatment plant in the city of Dallas is the first to be shut down after the city shut down two of its largest water treatment facilities earlier this month.The shut-down of the water treatment facility at Nalcor Water Treatment Plant, located in the South Side community of Doosan, is the latest in […]

Water company says water burn caused by water treatment is under investigation

Water burn caused when a water treatment system was operating on a wastewater treatment plant in Colorado was being monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the water treatment plant’s operator was not aware that it was being investigated by federal investigators, a company spokesman said Monday.The Environmental Protection Bureau has launched an investigation into […]

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